What are some common mistakes to avoid when vegetarian juicing?

The first mistake you should avoid when making juices is to use a conventional juicer. These juicers generate a large amount of heat that destroys the essential nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. In addition, conventional juicers don't extract as much juice as slow juicers. The KENT cold-pressed juicer compresses fruits and vegetables to squeeze juices, thus conserving essential nutrients.

So, if you're still using a conventional juicer, it's time to switch to a slow juicer. Too many fruits and not enough vegetables Juices are an incredible way to introduce nutrients into the body, since they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. It gives the body a direct injection of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. However, one of the most common mistakes beginners make when making juices is adding too much fruit to their fresh juices.

Although fruits are full of vitamins and minerals, they also expose the body to a lot of sugar without the fiber. Try making juice with just one fruit and the rest of the vegetables. Pears and apples are great low-sugar fruits that add delicious flavor and pair well with vegetables. Or simply squeeze a little lemon into the juice of your vegetables to add citrus.

The key to making healthy vegetable juices is to make green vegetables take up most of each serving. Green vegetables like kale, spinach, collards, and lettuce like romaine lettuce are packed with nutrients. In my January blog, entitled Superfoods, I talk about chlorophyll and its health properties, such as helping the liver to detoxify, aiding digestion and controlling weight. Green vegetables also don't increase blood sugar and insulin levels like sweet fruits and vegetables such as carrots and beets.

The quality of your juice is directly reflected in the products you use. Old, rancid vegetables or frozen and thawed fruits won't give you what you need. Make an effort to use only fresh produce from the store. Better yet, try to use as many organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

So, before you start your juicing process, here are some of the most common juicing mistakes (and how to avoid them).